Tourism's multiplatform reservation system

We give tourism agents whether online or independant, in hotels or hostels access to a full service, live reservation and management system that's easy, fast and more cost effective to use.

A more direct way to sell tourism products.

With Narnoo you are integrating directly with your supplier's reservation system. All relationships, commissions and rates are negotiated direct.

Saves Time
Narnoo has done the hard work of integrating into your supplier's reservation systems. Meaning you don't have to.
Reduces Effort
Narnoo platform manages supplier's product information and media.
Narnoo provides a central platform where you can access all your supplier's product information, rates and create bookings.
Avoids Hassles
Being a central location any changes made to product data is pushed out across the platform.
Reduces Costs
Unlike other tourism platforms Narnoo strives to provide a fixed cost service.
Narnoo allows you to group and organise your promotional and selling partners.
Narnoo is interested in the tourism industry as a whole and doesn't limit itself to a single category such as Accommodation or Attractions.
Built like a business network, you can connect only with the suppliers you need to.

Connecting the world's most popular reservation systems! Such as:


Frequently asked questions

Affordable subscription pricing

Narnoo's mission is to increase profit margins by providing capped subscription fees.

Monthly Subscription

Our no contract, monthly subscription takes the financial stress out of setting up direct bookings with your suppliers.

What's included

  • Integration into 3rd party reservation systems

  • Operator content access

  • High resolution media access

  • Narnoo booking tools

Pay based on how much you use. The more you sell the less it costs.

0.75% - 1.75% /mth
Based on gross booking totals.

Boost your profit margins. Start using Narnoo today.

It's free to sign up with Narnoo and you won't pay anything until you make a sale!

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