Cloud Based

Built on Amazon Web Service's content distribution network.

Industry Supported

Built with extensive feedback from the Tourism Industry.

Easy To Use

Built with simplicity and user's experience in mind.

How It Works?

Manage your
Product Material

Businesses create product listings including text copy, high resolution images, videos and print material. This information can be used for promotional product listings across the web and mobile applications. With Narnoo a business creates a snapshot of their products and promotional content.

  • Product Information
  • Pricing
  • Rich Media
  • Product Features

Connect with
Industry Partners

Tourism distributors, agents and industry partners have the ability to connect with their suppliers. This connection allows for the streamlined delivery of business information via activity feeds, mobile messaging and push notifications. Narnoo is a business “social” network, just without the clutter of the traditional social networks.

  • Activity Feeds
  • Messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Industry Connections

Product mapped to
Reservation Systems

Narnoo provides a bookings gateway between a supplier's product and the many online reservation systems in the marketplace. This includes the supplier's nominated reservation system and any wholesaler platforms. By using Narnoo an agent can access an ever increasing list of reservation systems. Narnoo is one platform that connects an agent to many reservation platforms. It’s about choice and direct relationships.

  • Live Availability
  • Instant Bookings
  • Direct Commission
  • Additional Integrations

Instant product
Availability and Booking

With Narnoo’s booking gateway we can provide realtime product availability and instant booking confirmations. This is done through Narnoo’s connections to the many booking platforms in the marketplace. Our system communicates on behalf of the agent therefore, maintaining all commercials and relationships between the agent and supplier or agent and wholesaler platform.

Product availability and bookings are called direct from the agent and supplier’s preferred platform.


Business Networking

Narnoo provides a networking solution where agents and suppliers can search for and connect with other suppliers. When connected with a supplier you are able to follow their activity feed, access their public media and see their product listings. Additionally, connecting with a supplier is how you manage their live availability and instant bookable products. The process if simple and just involves searching for a supplier and “following” them.

Narnoo gives businesses the ability to add “Trade” and “Media” user access to their account. This gives these user roles access and share the supplier’s media based on their respective privileges. Businesses are in control and can easily manage the distribution of their business content.


Bookings Gateway

With so many systems in the market place it can be a very expensive and overwhelming process setting up and maintaining live availability and instant bookings to all the various systems. Narnoo takes the hassle out of this by providing one simple gateway that interacts with each system.

Narnoo maps a suppliers products list to their own reservation system, as well as any wholesaler system that sells their products.

Narnoo uses the agents reservation details to talk to these systems, meaning all commercials and relationships are between the agent and supplier.


Media Storage and Processing

Narnoo stores and processes businesses promotional Images, Brochures, Videos and Logos. Our system crunches media files into various sizes and qualities that can be used for any application.

We’ve tried to make the process of managing your information as easy as possible. Our interface is clean and simple to follow and where possible actions are drag and drop. Once the files have been uploaded a lot of the grunt work happens behind the scenes.

We’ve introduced artificial intelligence into our image processing engine which allows for advanced scene and object detection. This means detailed searching and automatic tag cloud creation for images.

Through Narnoo you able to share your media with trade users and even populate your agents websites and applications with your content.


Apps, API and WordPress plugins

Tourism suppliers and agents are hard pressed for time. Our free iOS and an Android app available on the “App Store” and “Google Play Store” allows users to manage their Narnoo accounts and connections from their pocket.

Our WordPress plugins significantly reduces the development costs and time to market when creating a tourism based website. The heavy development work is taken care of by our plugins, leaving web developers to just focusing on the website design. We have plugins for operators and separate plugins for distributors.

With the introduction of the “Narnoo Commerce” plugin, fully functional ecommerce websites can now be easily, quickly and affordably set up.

Benefits of Narnoo

Customer Focused

Narnoo is built for the needs of tourism businesses.

Built for Tourism

Built with 10 years of tourism, digital knowledge and experience.

Simple Design

Built to save time and be simple and easy to use.

Media Sharing

Share media via links or assigning trade users.

Software Tools

Narnoo software provided for your websites and applications.

Developer API

Extensive API for developers to create Narnoo applications.

WordPress Support

Integrate Narnoo directly into your WordPress websites.

Developer Backed

Developers on hand to help make your applications real.

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