Rich Media

Narnoo has an advanced media process engine that has been built from scratch to manage the most common media files found in tourism promotion. Our system works with:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDF files

and creates a number of different formats for display across various digital devices.
Our system also stores the highest resolution files which can be downloaded and used for print promotional points.
All our media and related versions are hosted on Amazon Cloudfront for the fastest network delivery possible.


Our image processing engine takes all common image files up to 80M in size and converts these into a number of different versions for web and mobile devices.

Businesses can assign target market regions for an image so that end users can see which markets an image is suited for.

With advanced artificial intelligence functions, all images are processed for scene and object detection. This automatically creates a tag category system which can be used to find related images and image search applications.

Various screenshots from the image management pages


Our video processing engine converts uploaded videos to a number of different formats including HD, providing options for application usage. All our video files are hosted on AWS Cloudfront and our easy to embed video play provides a non-branded video hosting solution. Alternately developers can access video files direct and display them in what ever fashion they require.

Various screenshots from the video management pages


Our PDF processing engine converts PDF files into web friend versions. Our system creates thumbnails, large and extra large images of the cover page and converts each page into images of their own. This allows us to display flip books based on the contents of the PDF document.

We also set automatic expiry dates on our PDF material, these dates can be managed from the print details page. The reason we do this is to remind suppliers that their content does expire over time. This is common with yearly pricing updates.

Various screenshots from the print management pages