Product Listing

Our product listing contains all the elements needed to create a detailed and informative listing at any promotional point.

Our rich media provide a number of combinations for how to display our media. From high resolution media galleries to flip PDF books. All Narnoo content is hosted on Amazon’s cloud front for high available and fast loading times regardless on which part of the world it’s being viewed from.

Our listings contain:

  • Featured Image
  • Videos
  • Print
  • Logo
  • Short and long text descriptions.
  • Pricing
  • Transport, what to bring, operational hours ( attractions )
  • Terms
  • Gallery
  • Product features

Narnoo also provides webhooks for applications that need real time updating of product listings. Through our API applications can be notified as soon as a product has been created or updated within Narnoo.

Product listing page example on Narnoo