Media Sharing

Sending out a business’s high resolution media with promotional partners is made easy by our media sharing features. Media sharing can be done a unique link to the media item. This link can be sent out to partners and they can download (without needing a Narnoo account).

Via the mobile application all media items are sharable via the standard mobile share options found in the majority of smart phones.

Users are presented with a page where they can access the original file and also link to embeddable versions of the same. These versions are our processed images and can be directly added to a website or application.

Shareable content includes:

  • Images
  • Logos
  • Prints
  • Videos
  • Albums
  • Collections

Media Library Login Widget

Narnoo has login widgets that can be embedded in websites which allow approved account users access to your media library. These users include, Administration, Staff, Trade and Media users. With our login widgets users can login directly to you business account.

Sharing screen from mobile application
A screen shot from the unique download page.